An image of stones on a grass verge spelling 'Ope'

Promenade of Opes and Dreams

Thursday 9th September 2021 - 11:00am
Various locations daily during the festival (check back for updates).

Join tour guide Simon Cole and performance poet Jessica Taggart Rose to uncover the magical isle of Portland - a place of secret histories, unlikely stories and curious crannies.

You’ll connect with the hopes and dreams of local people who’ve co-created the performance and bring your own perspective along on this interactive walk. The Promenade of Opes and Dreams will begin at a different location at 11am each day of the festival. There’ll be pop-up performances and optional audience participation as we playfully explore the idea of Common Lands in a hop-on, hop-off walking tour.


A famous writer once said, if you can't go away, the next best thing is to re-imagine where you are. The Common Lands theme is a chance for us all to experiment with ways of seeing the world differently. Place is where we find common ground and by inviting people to see this magical isle through fresh eyes, we'll connect to one another and the rest of the world. We can’t wait!

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