Portland Press (Part 1)

Sun 12 Sept 16:00 - 18:00

Look out for the posters on the Parade

For b-side 2021 a radical art printing press starts its journey to Portland.

AJ Leibling famously wrote “The freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one” . The press is a special Japanese Risograph printer from the 1980s - cheap to run and environmentally friendly, with low energy costs and vegetable-based inks.  

A series of workshops by Caitlin Akers and the Drop In Portland will offer young people the opportunity to take part in the art of activism and learn how to print their own posters and zines. 

What do young Portlanders want to protest about? Hospital closures? Climate change? Socks with sandals? Kimberlins

Join us for b-side’s festival parade on Sunday 12th September to see what they come up with! 


I am obsessed with print, particularly commercial print methods and the look of printed advertisements. I am also excited by the intersections between traditional print, poetry, digital technology and the language of the internet. Within my work I explore working class history, identity and rhythms and patterns in speech.

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