Portland Pathways

Portland Pathways Exhibition

8th16th September 2018
77 Fortuneswell

“Freedom means to me being able to wander the island, to walk through the quarries, to walk along the cliffs and go underneath the cliffs” - Skylark Durston

Many of the footpaths and bridleways we use today have their origins in routes travelled hundreds or thousands of years ago – these routes are now enshrined in our public rights of way. They not only record how we have navigated our landscape in the past, telling stories of our landscape and built environment but also provide public access to landscapes and historic sites which otherwise may not be possible. They are an asset that we often take for granted.

Over the past few months b-side has been running a project called Portland Pathways to uncover histories of the pathways and rights of way on the Isle of Portland. Led by Research Coordinator Bea Moyes a group of local residents have been looking into significant aspects of this history. This research has inspired an exhibition, map and series of guided walks to share this knowledge and encourage visitors and residents to explore Portland on foot.

During the festival Outpost will host a display of some of the research material including photographs, interviews and archive documents giving a brief glimpse of some of the histories unearthed by the Portland Pathways Research Group over the short six week research period

Pick up a copy of the Portland  Pathways map and discover Portland’s paths for yourself.


Artist Ania Bas has devised a series of three guided walks exploring Portland. Her walks lead you through quarries and lawnsheds, along sheep tracks and lost paths, past medieval windmills and rare wildlife, tracing women’s rights, folk tales and Skylark Durston’s poems.

Click here for more info on Ania's series of specially devised walks for the festival.


The Portland Pathways project has been funded by The Heritage Lottery – thankyou to all who buy lottery tickets!



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