Perspectives at Outpost

Perspectives: IRC at Outpost

Tuesday 5th December 2017 - 12:00pm
77 Fortuneswell
Isle of Portland

The work presented in this exhibition is by detainees from the Immigration Removal Centre, The Verne.

Immigration removal centres are holding centres for foreign nationals awaiting decisions on their asylum claims or awaiting deportation following a failed application. IRC The Verne has approximately 600 detainees.

The detainees have access to the art room, 4 days a week and work with art teacher Amanda Knight to create work for a variety of purposes. Some make work to send back to their families, some will have never created artwork before and some men take the opportunity to deal with feelings they experience whilst detained through the art they make.

Two of the pieces are made collaboratively; many people working on a single piece and these art works can be made over a longer period of time as people come and go through the system.

Several of the works are in response to the theme of souvenirs; creating a souvenir of home.

b-side leads on the Dorset Place of Sanctuary project. This is a group of arts organisations and creatives based in Dorset who have come together to offer a welcome to anyone wishing to access the arts, particularly those seeking refuge. 
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