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Outpost Lockdown Exhibitions - Ray Mayall

23rd July12th August 2020
77 Fortuneswell

During the lockdown, many people have been rekindling their love of making - baking, sewing, painting, drawing and crafting we want to celebrate and showcase this, and make sure that everyone can still engage with b-side's creative programme despite the current closure of our project space and postponement of the Festival this year.

Outpost project space is on Fortuneswell High Street, Portland and has huge street-level windows - it makes the perfect safe social distancing exhibition space. Following an overwhelming response to our call out to Portland residents to show us their creativity we have a fantastic visual archive of Portland Lockdown creative talent.

Take a look at the extraordinary models by Portland resident Ray Mayall, who has made some incredibly ingenious model houses repurposing and transforming the stuff we throw away into quite amazing model houses and boats some with smoking chimneys and lights!

We are hoping more shop windows in Fortuneswell Hgh Street will exhibit some of the incredible creative talents of Portland residents too.

I struggle with extreme OCD, amongst other disabilities, and a disruption to my routine such as this lockdown has been, can be very detrimental to someone like me. It was important to find something to focus my restless mind on and make a new routine. Having done some modelling in the past, mostly on a much smaller scale, I began to rummage through the rubbish and recycling. Instead of seeing t-bag boxes, plastic pots, bottles and cans, I began to see roof tiles, towers, chimneys and terrain

Ray Mayall

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