Tom Marshman

Meet Tom Marshman

Tuesday 4th March 2014
Jackson's Gallery

Come along and hear about Tom Marshman's new work for Portland 'Everyone's Auditorium'. Tom needs your stories to create this brand new performance for b-side.

If you sponsor a seat at The Royal Manor Theatre, Fortuneswell, Portland, Tom will meet and interview you  and create a new short performance based on your story or life event which he will perform to you and your friends, and again as part of the b-side festival in September 2014.

Tom will be talking about his project alongside other b-side artists - come along, meet him and find out more.

If you can’t make the talk but you would like to get involved, please contact producer@tommarshman or call b-side festival’s Sally Watkins 07974 698526 only 10 people can take part, so be sure to act fast!


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