A photograph of the outside of the b-side project space on Portland exhibitiing large colourful posters created by Portland residents

Lockdown Art Exhibition - Sara Harpley

77 Fortuneswell

The final poster of our Lockdown Art project to go up is by Portland resident Sara Harpley.


During the lockdown, many people have been rekindling their love of making - baking, sewing, painting, drawing and crafting we want to celebrate and showcase this, and make sure that everyone can still engage with b-side's creative programme despite the current closure of our project space and postponement of the Festival this year.

Outpost project space is in Fortuneswell, Portland and has huge street-level windows - it makes the perfect safe social distancing exhibition space. Following an overwhelming response to our call out to Portland residents to show us their creativity we have a fantastic visual archive of Portland Lockdown creative talent.

During Lockdown Sara documented the hundreds of NHS rainbows displayed in front windows in homes across Portland, her poster displayed at Outpost includes just a few of the 140 images she has documented.

The weather during this time was warm and we were allowed one hour of exercise a day which I spent wandering the streets of the Island photographing Portland’s Rainbows  

A universal symbol of hope, inclusion and connection; a way of saying thank you to the NHS and all our keyworkers.  

Sara Harpley

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