A stone with a child face painted onto it leaning against a rock in the landscape

Here To Stay

Saturday 11 Sept, 11am – 6pm

Join the conversation 1 – 2pm 

The Old Higher Lighthouse

**POSTPONED** We are so sorry but due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to postpone this event.

In 2018 Leni Dothan transported 200 Portland stones to London where they were exposed to the city’s pollution and then returned to Portland to be rehabilitated in Portland’s clean air, having been previously coated with a pollution reactive solution that revealed the ‘healing’ process. You may have seen the stones and witnessed parts of this process at the High Angle Battery during the 2018 b-side festival.

In this next stage of the project these stones, having returned to their homeland, will now form a live demonstration of how nature re-establishes itself, as the stones are gradually colonised by organisms and become once again a part of the landscape.

On Saturday 11 September Leni will be on site unpacking the stones and creating the sculptural installation for this next stage. You are welcome to watch her at work or join us here at lunchtime between 1-2pm when Leni will be in conversation discussing how the project will explore the colonisation process.
About the Artist
Leni Dothan is a London based architect and researcher, dealing with the overlooked representations of women – especially mothers – in art history and contemporary culture. Through the prism of a mother to a boy, a foreigner in the West, she creates sculptures, photographs, videos and installations that suggest new narratives other than the perfect and ideal mother-and-child relationship. Leni Dothan also works collaboratively with scientists to raise awareness on eco-political subjects and environmental issues.
With thanks to Pauline de Souza and Diversity Arts Forum, Kestrelman Trust and Valentine Trust.

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