Emma Riley

Ferrous (2014)

5th14th September 2014
Fancy's Farm
Glacis, New Ground,

Emma Riley uses the natural environment as a source for her site-specific work, responding to the landscape in an ecological manner. Texture from natural fibres, colour from both flora and mineral sources and found objects inform her work to create pieces that can only be created by both environment and time.

Ferrous (2014) is a body of work created in response to the landscape and history of Portland. A landscape surrounded by sea and shaped by both agriculture and industry – Ferrous responds to that landscape using Portland wool (from the only flock of Portland sheep remaining on the Isle), iron waste left from quarrying machinery, sea water, stone and time. The Portland fleece is processed and handspun by Emma, and used to create a fabric that weaves a narrative, echoing Portland’s past and present; reflecting on what the Isle once was and what it is now.

Find Emma's installation in an old radar hut on Fancy's Farm sited high above the Portland coastline with spectacular views, amongst the Portland sheep that supplied the wool for her work.

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