Jeff Piggot & Julia Warin

Erosion Zone

Friday 5th September 2014 - 09:00am
The Heights Hotel
Yeates Road

Take a look at Erosion Zone a seemingly ordinary product stand you might encounter in a shop or Tourist Information centre, but take a closer look at the products on display - Picnic Monthly, Action Man Geography Teacher and Lulworth Crumple Swirl Cake mix are just a few of the witty and though provoking items created by Jeff and Julia that explore the issues, misunderstandings and fascinating geological science that makes the Jurassic Coast so unique and beautiful.


Exploring Erosion was commissioned by the Jurassic Coast Trust with funds from Arts Council England (Lottery) supported by West Dorset District Council and Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Managed by Bridport Arts Centre on behalf of the Dorset Arts Trust, with support from Dorset County Council.

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