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Common Land Podcast

Thurs 09 Sept, Fri 10 Sept, Sat 11 Sept and Sun 12 Sept on demand.

That Other Place

Re-sharing Portland with the world

Common land is shared space. We are re-sharing Portland with the world both physically and virtually this summer, during the B Sides festival in September by presenting work in progress, the experience of art and living that is Portland shaped.

This project is inspired by the unique quality of the sound experience on Portland and the space it occupies.

Framed by tradition and terms specific to the land, these podcasts will be the conduit for this, an audio collage of sounds and voices merged from all aspects of the island as we approach the festival weekend. Production will take place during July and August and there is an opportunity to add your own audio on Lammas Day – 1st August,  traditionally looking towards the new harvest.

Produced by Soniche Productions for b-side.  

Available at 


I’ve had a love affair with Portland for the last ten years and beyond so it’s a privilege to be able to respond as part of this year’s b-side work. 

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