Boombox, is based on Sadie's teenage diary written in 1982, whilst she was a student at Weymouth Tech (or rather whilst she was supposed to be, as her attendance record shows a somewhat dismal 42%). Boombox tells the story of Sadie’s turbulent and surprisingly brief teen love affair with Portland-based Andi. Andi’s sister had a Reliant Robin that the teenagers would sit in (partly to stop it blowing over!).

Now it's your turn to experience a slice of teenage angst 80's style. The installation takes place in one of these classic cars and is accompanied by a soundtrack of music that the doomed lovers played on their ‘boomboxes’ in 1982.

“Never mind the Spice Girl reunion, Sadie Hennessy has girl power by the bra load” 

Clare Brown, (Renaissance Utterings)

10th September - 18th September, 11:00am - 6:00pm

Portland Bill Car Park

Portland Bill Rd