b-side assemblies: No 1 Image by Katy Bauer

b-side Assemblies: No 1

St Georges Centre

 No 1

“Even those who thought they were attacking the system, the radicals, the artists, the musicians and our whole counter culture, actually became part of the trickery, because they too had retreated into the make believe world, which is why their opposition has no effect and nothing ever changes.”

Adam Curtis HyperNormalisation 2016

b-side Assemblies: No 1
Rapid Responder or Slow Burner?

Artists, organisations and individuals interested in social change joined b-side on Portland for a day of conversation and sharing of creative practices that addressed how artists are reacting to current political and social change in times of crisis. b-side Assemblies: No 1 featured contributions from: Dickie Beau - Artist, Performer, Paul Soulellis - Artist, Library of the Printed Web, Paula Crutchlow - Artist, Blind Ditch, Museum of Contemporary Commodities, Farhad Berahman - Artist, Photographer, Tom Green, Producer Platforma Festival and Counterpoints Arts, Nicky Childs - Senior Producer, Artsadmin, Gordon Dalton – Network Manager, Visual Arts South West and artist Katy Bauer.

Download and read more about our speakers below.

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Watch 'Chats with Inside Art: Digital report from b-side Assemblies No. 1' video here: https://youtu.be/BvxyBP2QhSo



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