CREATE! 2023 A free course for emerging Dorset creatives

Interested in creating events and making them happen? Watch the video and read on…..

CREATE! 2023 Is a free course for emerging Dorset and Bournemouth Christchurch + Poole (BCP) based people of any age to better understand how creative projects/events are made from start to finish. With workshops lead by experienced professionals, in artistic spaces, which will cover subjects such as:

  • What makes a great event?
  • Building a network
  • Marketing and audience identification
  • Financing an idea
  • Risk management
  • Developing ideas from the ground up

You will also have an opportunity to prepare a pitch document for your idea that Activate (producers of Inside Out Dorset), b-side and Arts by the Sea will provide feedback and pointers on. At the end of the course, you can use the pitch document to bid for a pot of funding from the three partners that could help seed-fund your idea.

Held in July at different spaces across Dorset, all participants will take part in the workshop sessions together, where there will be opportunities for connection with each other and spaces to see different types of artistic work that support your time both on the course and after.

What you will get from the course:

  • All travel and food expenses during the course + festival networking days are totally covered.
  • A clearer understanding of how artistic events can be made
  • 1-1 mentoring opportunities
  • An opportunity to pitch for a pot of money to help make your creative idea a reality
  • Networking sessions during and after the course
  • Access to arts professionals
  • Aid and Resources signposted directly to you.

Take a look at the brief course framework:

Fri 7th July – DAY 1: The foundations of creative events. Building on ideas and Identifying motivation.
Sat 8th July – DAY 2: Marketing + Identifying Audiences. Logistics. Scaling up. Risk Management.
Fri 14th July – DAY 3 (half day):
Finance + Funding
Fri 28th July – DAY 4: Feedback on pitches. Guest Speaker + What’s Next?

After the course, each participant will be offered an extra 1-1 mentoring session to check in with how you’re feeling about your creative idea and development. There will also be a networking event at each of the following festivals for you to keep in touch with each other and each organisation:

If this sounds like the course for you, take a look at the info pack at the bottom of this page and apply using the link below.


How to Apply:

Download the information pack below

Fill out the application form HERE

  • We’d like to learn more about you, your creative idea and what you’d like to get out of the course.
  • Have a think about – what interests you about the course? The creative idea that you would potentially like to learn more about how to develop. Support we can provide you with to ensure that you get the most out of the course?
  • Ensure that you read the Applicant Contract in the information pack, so that you’re able to tick the box that states you agree to the terms and conditions of taking part in the course. We will ask for a signed version of this before the course starts.


If you have any questions at all, or would like to access the content in a different way, please get in touch with Archie,

Budgeting was an eye opener and the detail in that session was great because usually I would look at budgeting and be really scared, but actually going through it with someone was more relaxing and better than doing it by myself and be thrown in the deep end.

  • 2020 Create! participant