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Tom Marshman

Over the past year, artist Tom Marshman has been gathering ordinary and extra-ordinary stories from the people of Portland.  Working with The Royal Manor Theatre, Tom approached individuals as part of the theatre’s ‘Sponsor a Seat’ Campaign, which led to some unique encounters. This intimate, humorous and often moving series of performances brings the local world into the theatre, where the neighbourhood is the plot and inhabitants its characters.   A fisherman, a historian, a head teacher, an environmental campaigner…this is their story.

Tom has been a practising performance artist for over fifteen years, and created over 20 projects in a wide range of medium including performance, photography, installation, publication and film. He actively encourages a dialogue with audiences and participants aiming to create a safe space to share their thoughts and experiences. The results give very evocative authentic glimpses into everyday domestic objects, exploring what is often taken for granted.

“The people that I have met during this project, although only slight in number, are wide in their experience of the Island and all demonstrate unique viewpoints on why they live, work or show an enthusiasm for this Island.” 

‘Genuine interest in community, great attention to detail, and nurturing to artists.’ Tom Marshman

Tom Marshman's b-side Portfolio

crowd on beach

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