Thomas Hughes

Commissioned by b-side

"I am Tom. My fingers are in many pies; more pies than fingers. I’m a musician, animator, film maker, sound technician, music producer, thing builder, daddy of children, brave and valiant warrior. For years I just slept, drank tea, played in bands and made films, and most of it for the sake of doing it. Once I was meant to be contacting the DVLA but instead, I spent all day building a creepy false head in a box. Nowadays, I scrabble around trying to earn money and see my family, but the yearning to do stuff for the sake of it hasn’t really gone away. I bought a notebook, and realised how many unfulfilled ideas I have. Luckily most of my ideas are terrible so you’re not missing much. Regardless, I’ve given up sleep for lent to make time to create stuff again for the sake of it. Brace yourselves!"