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Paul Soulellis

Paul Soulellis

Weymouths explores geo-temporal connections and disconnections between two Weymouths—Weymouth, Dorset and Weymouth, Massachusetts (USA). A limited-edition, 12-volume set of books has been created as a participatory art project that focuses on memory, identity and place.

The books are bound containers holding text, colour and images. Public domain texts, historical records, lists, archival material, on-site photography, interviews, maps, Google searches, Wikipedia and other raw source material have been assembled into open, provocative narratives—real and imagined.

“Weymouths is a chance to “re-see” cultural identity in real-time. Each day, I will reveal a new volume around town, while the full series is featured in a reading room installation at the Phoenix Bakery. The project is free to anyone exploring Weymouth and the books will slowly disappear during the festival as I give them away to the public.”

Stetson, a new font designed by Paul for Weymouths, is available for free download at, where you can also read more about the project.

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