Paul Soulellis

Commissioned by b-side


A free, public publication.

b-side welcomes back American artist Paul Soulellis, this year to Portland, Dorset.

During the month of June Paul was artist in residence at Portland Tophill Library collecting content and ideas for Portlander, a print-on-demand, community newsprint publication. Out and about on Portland including riding with the Mobile Library van Paul gathered material from Portland communities and designed a multi-layered, diverse expression of local life and history.

Portlander is a participatory publication—all material included will be contributed from residents of Portland and freely distributed back during the b-side festival in September 2014.

Creative writing, essays, folklore, photography, drawings, maps, digital art, found material, poetry and recipes all found their way to Paul and any residents of Portland were invited to  contribute—regardless of age, education or artistic experience. 


Portlander is a partnership project with Dorset Libraries funded by Arts Council Libraries Fund