Ken taking part in The Complete Freedom of Truth Residency, 2018. Photo: Robert Golden.

Kennedy Coombs

Young Person Bursary Artist - YPBA

This year b-side is partnering with a range of South West based arts organisations and educational bodies to offer what is likely to be the Bursary Artist's first commission. The YPBA Scheme is there to support young artists to develop and strengthen their artist practice as well as guide our young artists from a educational context into a real life, professional context.  

Kennedy Coombs has been selected as the b-side and Opera Circus YPBA. Ken (known as DnE on stage) will receive mentoring and practical advice from both the Opera Circus and b-side team. He will also get the opportunity to be a part of b-side Festival 2018. 

About Kennedy 

"The work I do is mainly based on mental health and fighting for acceptance. It is based on my own experiences and difficulties as a Trans man and a care leaver.

I started writing at 7 to help with my parents divorce, being a middle child meant that I was slowly forgotten as I grew older so music became my expression.

At 15 I was put into care, which was an extremely tough time in my life. I moved from pillar to post until I was eventually put into a children’s home. It was here I was reintroduced to music when I was given a chance to record and to use my experiences to help other young people.

Working with several organisations over Dorset has really helped me raise awareness, now at 22 I hope my music can raise more."


Kennedy Coombs's b-side Portfolio


WHY? Festival 2018

The WHY? festival took place over one weekend during b-side 2018 festival. Produced and programmed by our current cohort of [intransit] Producers...

Performers at sea front

b-side Festival 2018

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Event Archive

Photo of Katie Ingram-King. Photo by Georgina Bolt.

WHY? Youth Music

Easton Gardens

b-side’s Young Person Bursary Artist, Kennedy Coombs (aka DnE), will kick off the WHY? Youth Music platform in Easton Gardens at 12pm. Ken will

Photo by Robert Golden


Quiet Bell Tent

“What does trapped mean to you?”

Kennedy’s performance workshop has been inspired by the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child -