Portland at night

Joe Borez & James Laming

Joe and James proposed to make a film for the 2018

b-side festival - ‘The Portland Lookalike Agency’ - and in mostly our spare time we made that film.

We enjoyed making the film, so we concocted another proposal and intend to enjoy ourselves again, making it happen for b-side 2021.

Our idea is to create an immersive place which contains themes of our local area concerned with the night.





Working in collaboration creates genuine challenges to ones working methods. It can also produce genuine surprises and genuinely happy accidents. When Joe and I latch on to the kernel of an idea we usually record ourselves, usually over the period of a few weeks, discussing ideas and possibilities until we come out with a concrete theme. Then we have a series of minor disagreements which serve to make both of us a) think 'well, I'll show you' and b) keep focus. It's good to have a real-life editor, telling it like it (sadly) is...

James Laming

Joe Borez & James Laming's b-side Portfolio


The Resident Residency

Resident artists receive financial and creative support for the development of an idea over a period of time, using the overarching theme of Common...

b-side festival 2021

A thousand ideas, one amazing island

09 - 12 Sept 2021

Performers at sea front

b-side Festival 2018

The festival showcased the very best in contemporary art, made in response to this beautiful, intriguing and extraordinary island. Over 15,000...

Event Archive

A fuzzy night time image

The Night About Us

09 Sept

That Other Place

A 30 minute trip into the dark heart of the witching hour