Frolic Summer Holiday


This year b-side welcomes Frolic to the festival. Frolic Disco started in Bridport in 2011 and has become a popular and well loved, ego free event. It boasts a broad age range that ‘gets on down’ to some very eclectic music. The poster designs are influenced by local and global events and Bridport's people love of fancy dress - they demand a monthly theme!

So people of Portland and b-side festival goers, join DJ’s Crumpet Clare and Jonny Slut for an unforgettable night of Frolic Disco and the Bridport Experience in er 'Not Clichéd Tourism' attire (at the very least we know you have a Hawaiian shirt in the back of the wardrobe but maybe something more adventurous?) .

It's not obligatory but it's more fun if you dress up! 

Frolic's b-side Portfolio


Festival 2016

9th17th September 2016

b-side returned to the Isle of Portland in September 2016 showcasing the very best in contemporary art made in response to this beautiful and...



10th September
Royal British Legion

DJ’s Crumpet Clare and Jonny Slut invite you to an unforgettable night of Frolic Disco in er 'Not Clichéd Tourism' attire (if there is such a