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Crab Man, Signpost & Bell

Phil Smith, Simon Persighetti & Katie Etheridge aka Crabman, Signpost & Bell create “mis-guided tours”. These are walks and investigations that explore the things about places that the mainstream tours ignore – the trivial, the everyday, the hidden histories, the poetic and subjective and the just plain mistaken! They use the tricks and tics of the guided tour and turn them on their heads to create walks that engage the participant in unexpected ways – sometimes unexpected even to them...

Crab Man, Signpost & Bell invite you to walk with them on a tour of missing houses, invisible rays, nautical knots and strange fish!

Crab Man, Signpost & Bell's b-side Portfolio


b-side Festival 2012

1st17th September 2012

b-side festival 2012 took place in Weymouth & Portland across two sites as part of the Maritime Mix Cultural Olympiad Programme.