Andy Whale - Bus Stops

Andy Whale

Andy Whale is a Dorchester based photographer, he has just exhibited at Bridport Arts Centre 'Not Quite Right'; a series of striking images of out of work actors.

"I aim to produce some equally striking images for the B-side bus stop project, portraits of local people that the public doesn't always see. By taking them away from their local environment and photographing them in a studio I aim to produce some images that will be hard not to be intrigued by!"

Andy has worked in London as a freelance photographer for 25 years and has recently relocated to Dorset (where he grew up). Andy was well known in London for his outstanding images for The Royal Ballet and the English National Opera.

Over the last 6 years Andy has been working as a Director Photography in Commercials and short films. During this time he has become very excited by portrait photography, where the person is everything! "A persons face can say so much, I love to give the viewer the opportunity to spend time viewing these faces and taking what they will from them, and to be in some way moved by them."

Bus Stops is a b-side partnership project with Sherborne House Arts.