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A&B’s roaming choir will be singing the world up from the ground…during the Paralympics you may well hear a shanty in the nooks and crannies of Portland ‘down Under, up Top, up Tout, down beach, over town, out the Bill’ – inspired by stories and conversations with Portlanders and those who have made the island their home. Catch them on a bus, hear the shanty in a taxi or on the radio – look out and listen up. 

Have you heard stone ring? 
September 08 A Walk on the Wild Side
Join Annie & Belle on to celebrate the local…
10.30am meet at The Drill Hall, Easton Lane, Portland.                                                                                      
Stimulate your appetite and knowledge of the island with a morning walk led by wildlife enthusiasts Lyn and Tom from Wild about Weymouth and Portland. The walk will be circular, returning to the Drill Hall for lunch via the coastal path and Tout Quarry.  You may hear a shanty along the way!
Sounding the Stone:
September 08 from 1.00pm onwards at The Drill Hall, Easton Lane, Portland
The beautiful tones of stone ringing will be heard in the Drill Hall Gallery where the Lithophone created by Portland Sculpture and Quarry Trust, takes centre stage. Join Annie & Belle in the new gallery for a ‘bring and share’ lunch - a celebration of local food and song. 
Annie & Belle are very grateful to everyone involved especially to all those who have welcomed them into their homes and workplaces… thank you.
You can find out more about these adventures and the people a&b have met on their website, where the song is available as a free download http://soundingstone.wordpress.com

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b-side Festival 2012

b-side festival 2012 took place in Weymouth & Portland across two sites as part of the Maritime Mix Cultural Olympiad Programme.