Leni Dothan

Commissioned by b-side

Leni Dothan is an Artist and architect based in London, (B.Arch Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem), after graduating from The Slade School of Fine Art she is currently working on her Practice-Led PhD at the Slade, UCL.

In her work Dothan examines whether male/female, mother/son, woman/state relationships that had been central in the Early Renaissance world of art remain unchanged taboos to this day. 

In her art Dothan strives to blend all her learned skills as an architect, artist and researcher. Her works use renaissance art references as a means of reflecting on present urgent issues and taboos both personal and universal.

For b-side 2018

Portland’s Pollution Rehab Centre

"This site specific project is a perfect conceptual and chemical symbiosis between science and art, aiming for awareness and a response to air pollution through public art in between London and the Isle of Portland. In the 9 days of b-side festival 2018, Portland will be transformed into a rehab centre for air polluted sculptures made in London."

Website: https://www.mtart.agency/artists/leni-dothan/