Ania Bas

Commissioned by b-side

Ania Bas is an artist who works across text, performance, publishing and social engagement to create situations that support dialogue and exchange. Through her work she explores ways of working, making and thinking together that can challenge modes of participation, bring together people from diverse communities and make art relevant in everyday life. 

Ania is a co-founder of The Walking Reading Group, a project that facilitates knowledge exchange in an intimate and dynamic way through discussing texts whilst walking together (launched in 2013).  


For b-side 2018

Ania will work with the research material uncovered through the Portland Pathways project and create performative works for a number of footpaths on Portland during the b-side festival in September 2018. The performative works will respond to the history of pathways, encourage people to discover Portland on foot and make the act of walking special.

Click HERE for more information on the Portland Pathways project.