Alexandria Saleem

Bursary Artist


This year b-side is partnering with a range of South West based arts organisations and educational bodies to offer what is likely to be the Bursary Artist's first commission. The YPBA Scheme is there to support young artists to develop and strengthen their artist practice as well as guide our young artists from a educational context into a real life, professional context.  

Alexandria Saleem has been selected as the b-side and PICA YPBA. Alexandria will receive mentoring and practical advice from both PICA and a member of the b-side team. She will also get the opportunity to be a part of b-side Festival 2018. 

About Alexandria 

Alexandria Saleem is a first generation Palestinian-American artist, born and raised in Portland, Oregon, USA. She recently received her Bachelors of Fine Art in Dance and Cultural Studies from California Institute of the Arts, and has returned to her hometown to create performance with local communities. 
Her work is compiled of movement based experiences which journey into the space between personal and universal truths. She employs the universal language of movement through embodied investigations around stereotypes of race and gender. 

Our Body as The Altar

For #bside18 Alexandria is creating a movement based piece that explores notions of ancestral memory, collective consciousness, and communal desire. The piece will be comprised of dance, ritual, risk, and tenderness, using the sea as inspiration to explore Portland, Dorset and Portland, Oregon.