Rosie Leventon

Commissioned by b-side

Rosie Leventon makes sculptural installations, for indoors and the landscape. She is always experimenting with new materials and using them in innovative ways, such as Celotex Insulation, central heating pipes, recycled mobile phones and paperbacks, as well as more durable stone, water, earth and wood.

Some of Leventon's installations comprise radical interventions into the interior architecture of a building. She has constructed false floors that float on water and which shift under foot. Her outdoor installations sometimes highly ambitious in scale often have a functional, regional element, providing water for animals, for example, or promoting biodiversity and regeneration. Her work is grounded in a sensitive concern for the natural environment and how we use it. Leventon sees her work as interweaving a kind of personal archaeology with the archaeology of contemporary society and the physical archaeology of places.

For b-side 2018

"Ever since making a piece of Land Art in the 80s in Tout Quarry (Portland Wreck), I have particularly loved the island for the things that are missing: Dene Holes (Beehive Chambers), Stone Circles once stood on the Verne, Standing Stones and numerous Barrows all have vanished."