Laura Hopes

Commissioned by b-side

"I am an artist working in digital sound and film, installed spaces and sculpture, and have developed a body of work based around explorations of the sublime anthropocene. 

My artistic practice generates physical, intuitive and often collaborative layered and multi-faceted explorations of place. Through performative explorations of sites, chosen for their potential representation of the ‘sublime anthropocene’ and activations of their history, you and I, as activator, audience or observer can come to a more intimate and embodied knowledge of place.

I am interested in the use of stories to activate place and playful interventions to illuminate terrifying themes and radical and provocative re-interpretations of place."

For b-side

Laura will reanimate the history and stories of the dramatic Portland Stadium Bowl and give visitors the sensation of being on a football pitch cheered on by the roar of 5000 ghostly supporters, where now there only stand terraces of trees.