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Earthlings Assemble

Monday 11th October 2021 - 9:00am

Wildworks have been invited to Portland to develop an idea in partnership with MEMO and supported by B-Side Festival.

Wildworks are creating the Earthlings Assembly; an exciting new community arts project on Portland that will culminate later this year as the nations of the World assemble for the UN Biodiversity Summit in China. The event will be co-created by you, the community, and Wildworks. Earthlings Assembly is about exploring the diversity of life on Portland. 

In normal times Wildworks would have started the process on Portland, in person within the community. However, that’s not been possible this year, so instead they have designed and created an online digital space where they are inviting the people of Portland to get involved in a series of fun tasks and activities. The results of these tasks and activities will help gather words, colours, sounds and images so that they can learn about, and get a better understanding of Portland.

There’s something for all ages, and there are things to do in a group, or individually. The tasks take you away from the computer and into the landscape to collect, record or make things. You can do one or all of them and you don’t need any specialist equipment. Wildworks then ask you to submit online. 

The things you send will then be displayed back on the website and will help to inform the next stage in creating the Earthlings Assembly when hopefully we can meet in person.

Wildworks is a theatre company that doesn’t work in theatres or make theatre in the traditional sense. We work in unconventional spaces together with the people who inhabit, love or hold memories of those spaces and collectively we share those stories back to the community.

Wildworks Earthlings Assembly