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Window Shopping

Published 02/12/17

We are offering opportunities for artists to create exciting installations or interventions in the window spaces of b-side HQ ‘Outpost’...


Reflecting on 'b-side Assemblies No 2: Embracing Change, Embracing Dementia' by Rachel Dunford

Published 01/12/17

A new initiative b-side have started is called 'b-side assemblies' where people can book a place for a day of conversation, featuring...


[intransit] Producers

Published 19/11/17

You are in transit.

Take your first step into the producing world with b-side and programme & produce your very own Young Person...


Into Dust

Published 04/10/17
About Into Dust

Into Dust is an original song and music video commissioned by b-side.

Into Dust aims to tackle the stigma, social...


Apply for b-side Festival 2018!

Deadline -
Monday 6th November 2017 - 9:00am

Want to be a part of b-side Festival 2018?

We are now receiving applications for our next festival. We are looking to commission new works...

'Dementia Darnings' by Jenni Dutton
Press Release

A special art exhibition and event for World Alzheimer’s Day

Published 18/09/17

Embracing Change, Embracing Dementia

A special art exhibition and event for World Alzheimer’s Day

26 – 28 September



2018 Festival Open Call

Published 07/08/17
One amazing island …..

b-side is offering a number of commission opportunities to create new, temporary, site-responsive work in any media for...

Christian Edwardes
Press Release

Souvenirs: Migratory Objects 15 July to 05 August

Published 26/07/17

Summer is here (really!) and b-side is pleased to present work by two very different artists exploring the holiday tradition of 'souvenirs' in the...

Brendan Buesnel
Press Release

Portland in the frame: stunning photographs of Dorset’s intriguing Island

Published 18/05/17

Brutal Solitude

Photographs by Brendan Buesnel

20 May – 10 June

Outpost, Portland

Dorset based photographer...


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