Katie Etheridge

From Super Local to Professional Stranger: Experiments in temporary communities, temporary inhabitations, and temporary tattoos.

Katie EtheridgeKatie Etheridge examines a range of processes and practices developed through making site responsive work for festivals, and explores the possibilities and limitations of these modes to create meaningful connections with and between people and places.


Katie Etheridge works across live and mediated art forms to make solo and collaborative performances and interventions that investigate the interrelationships between people and places, and artists and audiences. 

Projects include Field Work (2008), a participatory walking performance in search of Brighton’s medieval field system, Faceback (2008 onwards), an antidote to online social networking that sets in train a series of random one-on-one encounters over a number of hours and days, and Signpost (2010), which collapses the processes of exploring, writing and performing place into a single mode, enacted through the carrying and writing of an uprooted signpost.

Collaborations include Porous City/Take me to the Bridge with Simon Persighetti, (2011) in which photographed details of Leeds Bridge are transferred onto participants bodies in situ, recording and re-presenting captured images of the city in a series of images that blur the edges between street and skin.


Porous City blog: porous-city.tumblr.com

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