Strange Night at The Royal Manor Theatre

Like a cheese induced dream, yet with neither cheese nor sleep... During a weird and wonderful evening with Triops, you will hear the songs of Mr Thomas Hughes and see some of the strangest films you will ever witness, projected right in front of your very eyes.

The songs, played live by Triops (Mr Thomas Hughes, Princess Lucy Watkins and Emperor Rick Veall) are rich in vocal harmonies, telling odd tales of intriguing characters and unrequited love and are performed using a variety of vintage sounds - Hammond organ, dusty old pianos, reed organs, theremin, accordion, drums, percussion and a concoction of strange effects.

The films, projected as the band play, pull the audience further into Triop's enchanted, strange, beautiful, spooky and often humorous dreamworld where the atmosphere flutters schizophrenically between the most gorgeous magical loveliness and the most disturbingly twisted nastiness, often without rhyme nor reason. Triops tailor make films for each song and even make new films for every venue they perform in. Some are animated, some acted and some are a combination. Many of the animations are hand painted and incorporate stop motion techniques, creating an organic, textured feel. The filmed parts are shot in the lush Dorset countryside and on location wherever Triops perform.

Between songs, strange things may happen: perhaps some telepathy, a hypnotism, maybe a murder...

Some of it is funny, some of it is sad, some of it is disturbing and some of it just plain weird. For more info on Triops: