Hywel Davies

Sound Installation

I am a composer, sound artist and installation artist.

For b-side multi media festival I have designed wind-driven instruments that are located in Portland. The density of sound created by these instruments is entirely determined by the prevailing wind speed.

This is how the piece works: in suitable weather conditions the spinning cups drive an axle to which is attached a striking arm. When there is no wind this arm hangs loosely down from the axle. As the speed of the axle increases with the presence of wind, centrifugal force makes the striking arm rise and strike the chime. The chimes are not meant play continuously and are entirely dependent upon the wind speed, this element of chance is important in a lot of my pieces whether they are installations or concert works.

The act of performance is important in all my works, whether concert works, sound pieces or installations. In sound pieces and installations (that is, not notated concert works) this translates into works having to have an 'inner life', in which a process of ongoing change is present. Chance also plays an important role in all my work: whether it is through 'under-notating' scores or through constructing scenarios where unintentional intervention creates sound.

For further information about my work go to www.hyweldavies.co.uk

The highly resonant chimes that are fixed within the tubes have been developed by Maurice Davies (no relation) during the design and manufacture of Belleplates (www.belleplates.com), and I am very grateful for his advice and support during the development of this work. The fabrication of the tube mechanisms has been undertaken by the ever-inventive and resourceful Bill and Zach Bolton – again big thanks to them!