Dorset Moon


Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon is an astounding, illuminated, seven metre diameter spherical sculpture and features 120dpi detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface. 
At an approximate scale of 1:500,000, each centimetre of the internally lit sphere represents 5km of the moon’s surface. 
This incredible installation is a fusion of large-scale NASA lunar imagery, moonlight and surround sound audio created by Ivor Novello Award and BAFTA-winning composer Dan Jones. 
12noon until midnight
Earth Module - Matilda Skelton-Mace
Installation experience for 2 persons
Earth Module is a multi-faceted dome structure with room for two people that uses infinity mirror effects and subtle, organic lighting patterns to evoke the night sky contained within a tent so it can’t be seen until entry, its form is inspired by the interior of the Apollo 11 lunar module.
12noon until midnight
This Then Is The Moon - George Roberts
Individual VR headset experience
Mounted on a steel plinth a battered helmet inspired by Eugene Cernan’s Apollo 17 helmet – the last to view the Moon - which compliments a 150-second immersive digital VR headset experience that chronicles our ever-changing relationship with space. Made in collaboration with visual artist Natasha Salkeld and milliner Immy Howard.


Carrie Mason – Pledge

A short performance of collective drawing made by audience participation, Pledge is inspired by Neil Armstrong’s iconic words as the artist wearing hobnail boots takes repetitive small steps to crush Dorset lump charcoal into fine dust then pledging to reduce their carbon footprint before taking a giant leap onto an adjacent canvas and inviting the audience to follow suit. The total performance lasts one hour 57 minutes, the duration of the first moonwalk.

11.15 pm
Call of the Wild - Ra Zamora
Call of the Wild is a sound installation inspired by the wolf’s howl. Ra Zamora intends to create a primordial experience to transport people to the wild corners of their psyche, whilst feeling the lifeforce and restorative effect of the male and female wolves howling alone and then merging together. Accompanying poem will be distributed.
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14th July, 12:00am

Nothe Fort

Barrack Rd

Dorset Moon is open midday to midnight