Dr Julie Scott Crawshaw

Dr. Julie Scott Crawshaw is a researcher working between planning, anthropology and art. Currently, at Valand Academy, Gothenburg, she is Co-Investigator of ‘Stretched: Expanding notions of artistic practice through artist-led cultures’ a three-year anthropological-curatorial programme exploring the nature of artistic practice beyond making artworks. Previously she has undertaken fieldwork in UK urban and rural development contexts at the intersections of academia, practice and policy. Her PhD Planning thesis (2013), Beyond Targets: Articulating the role of art in regeneration (Manchester Architecture Research Centre) is an ethnographic study of the making of public art. As fine art researcher of an interdisciplinary AHRC knowledge exchange programme at Newcastle University (2013-2014), she collaborated with residents of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne to explore island governance through ethnography and artistic interventions.

With Jason E Bowman and Rachel Bradley she was a co-director of Midwest (2002-2008), a curatorial project that sought to examine and effect artist-led infrastructural development emanating from the West Midlands, UK. Previously she was a programme director of Artists Newsletter (now a-n The Artists Information Company), and co-developer of artist-led platforms in northern England. Upcoming publications include: ‘Working Together: Art with and in regeneration’, Anthropological Journal of European Cultures, Special Issue: pARTici[TY]pate; ‘Island Making: The Work of Art’, Landscape Research, Special Issue: art, knowledge and the landscape of northern Europe, Asia and America; ‘Drawn In: Stories of Holy island’, in (Ed. Holt, Y., Jones, W., Jones, D.M.) Imagining Islands: Visual Culture and the Northern British Archipelago (London: Ashgate); ‘Art and Governance: Artistic Experiments in Holy Island’ (with Menelaos Gkartzios), in  (Ed. McGrath, B.) Routledge Handbook of Community Development (Oxon: Routledge); and Somersault: Experience All Sided Games (collectivegallery.net).