Hello, Portland runs deep in my veins and so I cannot wait to be involved with projects on Portland. I have come to arts and community in a very round about way, but it all seems to have had a value to my new role at b-side. I have always worked with people from being a researcher in parliament to teaching life drawing in Peckham (luckily not Del or Rodney!) and teaching children and adults on Portland and elsewhere. It is all about connecting with people of all ages and backgrounds and encouraging them to have self-belief and try new things. Taking part in the b-side Window Wanderland, Lockdown Artists and then creating a Christmas window with my son encouraged me that anyone can have a go and that art appreciation really is for everyone. My background is more from a social science perspective and I have long been keen for Portland to find a way to gain agency so that things they don’t want don’t just happen to them. Hopelessness is something we can all have feelings of, but gaining new skills and learning to express ourselves can help us feel that we have a say and that our voice is important. Taking part in b-side gave me a new, positive direction and I am looking forward to projects that open up new avenues for Portland. I am really looking forward to working with our community, artists and researchers.