Duncan Whitley - Writing of stones: Sound and architecture

Duncan Whitley

Duncan Whitley practices as a visual artist and sound recordist. His creative output encompasses video and sound installation, field recording and archive, and multi-channel sound work.

Duncan’s work explores themes of sound, place, individual and collective memory. Practicing in the visual arts but also known for his work with sound recording and archive, he is interested in deconstructing the narratives around documentary truth, where the document is re-appropriated as a tool for storytelling. His approach to working with sound is at once forensic and poetic, marked by both rigorous methodology and a delicate, subtle aesthetic language.

Writing of Stones is a site-specific audio work by Duncan Whitley, created for St. George's Church on Reforne. The artist's haunting installation resonates within the fabric of the church - built in the mid-eighteenth century of Portland stone - occupying its pews, galleries and nave with the ethereal and elusive medium of sound.

The installation invokes the idea of St. George's and its cemetery as a quiet witness to its environment; testament to human and ecological narratives. Informed by obscure tales from Portland history and folklore, its three 'chapters' (The Storm, The Working of Stone, and The Hymn) take us on an abstract journey woven through sound, architecture and memory.

Credits: With thanks to The Churches Conservation Trust  and St George's Study Centre

Writing of Stones is generously sponsored by Television Film Services www.tfsuk.com





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