Ania Bas

Commissioned by b-side

Over the Summer Ania Bas was resident artist at Tophill Library and The Sugar Loaf Cafe on Portland, meeting café customers and staff and writing micro narratives together. These micro stories are now engraved on The Sugar Loaf Café’s cutlery to be used on daily basis during b-side Festival. Forks and knives will carry various narratives: fiction and true stories, tales of loss, hope and love. A spoon, a fork tell one story - a knife, a teaspoon another.

“I create situations that support dialogue and exchange and I test new frameworks of participation. I am interested in ways that narratives shape understanding, mythology and knowledge of places and people.

My work is context and site specific and starts with on-site research. I involve people in investigations of human connection with place and bringing other people into my practice is a core element. I insert into my work a healthy dose of humour.."

This is a partnership project with Dorset Libraries funded by the Arts Council Libraries fund.

‘I enjoyed how varied the work was, bringing together sound installations, photography, live art, literature, exhibition was very well orchestrated. It did not look accidental, there was conversation between the pieces.’ Ania Bas