[Archive] b-side festival 2010

Thank-you to everybody who came, saw and took part in the 2010 b-side Festival!

Bob Budd [2010 Festival]

Cut Here - - - - -

Charlie Henry [2010 Festival]

Beachcombers Museum

Ed Jones [2010 Festival]

Until It Ends

Fuse - I Scream Van

Fuse [2010 Festival]

I Scream Van

Hywel Davies [2010 Festival]

Sound Installation

Jordan McKenzie [2010 Festival]

Monsieur PooPourri Takes a Dip

Liz Crowe [2010 Festival]

Resistance: which way the future?

Lucy Watkins [2010 Festival]

An Exchange of Views

Rob & Matt Vale [2010 Festival]

Time and Tide Act II - Passing Time

Rosa Casado & Mike Brookes [2010 Festival]

Something happening / Just a little bit of history repeating

Sound Proof 3 [2010 Festival]

Linking Locations

Triops [2010 Festival]

Strange Night at The Royal Manor Theatre