Alex Murdin

Local Partnerships and Local Authorities: what do festivals offer local agendas?

Friday October 11th

Alex Murdin

Alex Murdin, producer and researcher will explore with delegates the potential and proven benefits of siting art in public space, asking how it can contribute to social and economic objectives such as environmental improvement, regeneration, community engagement, health, wellbeing, tourism, marketing and wider sustainability agendas.

Communities of interest: the aesthetic and social legacies of temporary art projects (Saturday October 12th)



Alex Murdin has been working in the field of visual arts as an artist, curator and producer for over 20 years. Key areas of interest are working with environmentally led artists in the public realm, the field of design and artists working with health and wellbeing. He is currently the coordinator for both N3, a programme of public art development projects for the Dorset Design and Heritage Forum, and the arts programmer at Dorset County Hospital. Alex is currently writing up a Phd at University College Falmouth on the subject of “Art in the public realm and the politics of rural leisure”.