Ten Shots

Ten Shots is a collective of local photographers who meet monthly at Outpost on Portland. 

Ten Shots is a project based collective that works and exhibits collaboratively. Their work is inspired by their immediate surroundings and responds both to their local environment and their community. The group would like to show photography is a diverse field that addresses a range of different issues. 

Current work

As of 31st August Ten Shots have been working on Portraiture with Pete Millson as their lead photographer. Their next exhibition will take place at Outpost from Tuesday 23rd January - 27th January 2018. For more information, click here.

Previous work 

Previously Ten Shots have worked with Brendan Buesnel on landscape photography in response to his exhibition Brutal Solitude
The group visited two sites Brendan had previously photographed and displayed their own interpretation in their own exhibition.

To find out more about Ten Shots please see their website (coming soon). 
Or their Instagram page. 

If you'd like to support Ten Shots they are currently running a Crowdfunder to help cover costs for their upcoming exhibition.
Please donate if you can.